The course will cover:

  • What is barzakh??
  • What is should the people attending the funeral do?
  • Does the deceased person hear everything?
  • When we say salaam to the Prophet (PBUH), how come it reaches him, if he died?
  • What is the proof that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died from the Qur’an?
  • Do I have to travel to Madinah to send Salaam to the Prophet (PBUH)?
  • What is the grave? Can we decorate the grave or plant some trees? Is it permissible to mark the grave?
  • Why should we hasten the burial of a deceased person?
  • Can women attend the funeral? Can women visit the graves?
  • Where do souls go after death?
  • What is the punishment in the grave?
  • What are the rewards in the grave?
  • Does the dead feel and receive every good deed from his beloved ones?
  • What are the three toughest questions? Are you prepared?
  • What will benefit the deceased after death?
  • What kind of grave should we have?
  • During the burial, what reminder is important to do?
  • How will be the interrogation in the grave by angels be for true believers?
  • How will be the interrogation in the grave by angels be for the hypocrites/disbelievers?
  • What is Allah grant to the believers in the grave?
  • After burial of the dead, what should we pray for?
  • What should one seek from Allah in regards to the grave? AN IMPORTANT DUA.
  • Will we see Jannah or Hellfire from the grave?
  • What do we do when we visit the grave?
  • Which Dua is important to say when we visit graves?
  • What is the best gift from the living to the dead?
  • What can a son do for parents in the grave?
  • How to prepare for death?
  • Questions and answer time and more……


Paid Course